Dog Toys and Anxiety

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By Derek K.

If you’re like me and have dogs that live 8 hours of their day at home while you are at work than maybe you should think about what they do all day.  Are they bored? Do the chew up stuff? Do they try to escape?  We need to think to ourselves what would I do for 8 hours without entertainment.

One day this question hit me a couple years ago: what do my dogs do while I’m at work if I they don’t have dog toys to play with?

Well the answer I found was nearly unbelievable I set up a go pro camera in the back yard one morning just to see what they would be doing while I’m gone at work.  I set it up in the corner trying to capture the most of my backyard.  I knew my camera had a wide angle lens in it, so it would capture most of the back yard.  Now they have doggie cams that you can purchase that you can connect to your phone and Wi-Fi network, so you can see what your dog is doing in real time.  I did the cheap method for research all you need is: Go Pro camera and a 120GB micro SD card.

While I was at work and the camera was recording I thought to myself worse case scenarios even though they are pretty decent dogs (keep in mind they are Siberian huskies).  I was thinking oh they probably are chewing up my water hose and digging there big escape. Maybe they are digging holes and looking for bugs.

Well to my surprise when I got home and watched the footage I was shocked to find out that some of those worst case scenarios were true. My eldest husky Slevin started to dig a big hole around the gate and proceeded to kick up all my hard landscaping work where I had just put some mulch on it. I then found out my girl husky Arya 2 years of age was getting into the garden eating all our organic corn; she had jumped the fence, and torn up all of the corn that we will never get to try. She ate the stalk and the cobs of corn. This was our first year at this house and we really wanted to try some homegrown corn.

After all the ruckus, rampage, and destruction was over Arya the girl threw up a couple times which made me worried that she was sick, but found out she just ate way too much corn out of the garden. Slevin who almost dug a hole the size of a home depot bucket and ran away finally gave up. He must have felt defeated and didn’t continue his dig. All and all I noticed that dogs get bored and they have separation anxiety issues while you are gone. Having the proper dog toys will help with anxiety issues.

I’m working on phase two of the research project, by selecting a few of their favorite toys in the backyard, and doing another video to see how they cope.




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